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P.O. Box 4296, Manchester NH 03108

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I struggled for weeks with how the first bold headline of my website should read.  Something smart, catchy, memorable, and authoritative.  A compelling line that will make you want to drop everything and contact me.  Most of all, a remark about digital and marketing that you haven’t heard before.

I failed.

Because, unfortunately, you’ve heard it all before.  There are more than enough consultants, agencies, and independent marketing professionals.  And they all claim to be experts in digital and anything related to advertising.  They use lots of buzz words, tons of internet statistics, and random industry jargon to confuse and impress.

Truth is, most don’t have extensive training, hands-on experience and valuable connections that come from working for respected and established employers for over 20 years.  During that time, I strategized with dozens of small and medium business owners on getting results.  First, as a radio sales rep for one of the largest stations in the northeast.  Then as an internet marketing consultant, helping organizations solidify and enhance their online presence to generate and nurture leads from the web.

With a comprehensive background in both traditional and digital media, I can help you determine your real business goals, understand your various marketing options, and present creative strategies to get results.  I’ve worked with a diverse group of clients across multiple verticals including education, health care, entertainment, home services, financial services, tourism, and automotive.

Remember, your goals are not things like 232% more Facebook likes, 197% increased website traffic, or a 29% email open rate.  You want more leads for your business on a daily basis… leads that you can nurture and convert into customers or clients.  Ask yourself… what does success look like for your business and what’s your accountable strategy to get there?

If you’re ready to stop trying random acts of digital to get results, let’s have a conversation.


Jordan Guagliumi

Constant Frequency LLC



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