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P.O. Box 4296, Manchester NH 03108


Constant Frequency LLC incorporates Programmatic Advertising strategies to “reach your exact target market anywhere and everywhere customers are consuming digital content.”  How does that happen?  We utilize technology to combine reporting, analytics, data, and targeting, with a variety of publishers, platforms and ad formats.

If you still think everyone gets the same ad at the same place at the same time, regardless of where they’ve been and what they’ve done online, consider this…


Behavioral Targeting – I can target individuals based on where they have gone and what they have done on the internet.  Think categories like auto, home, finance and insurance, pets, real estate, education, and so forth.  If someone was using a mortgage calculator or checking out current rates, they’re probably considering a real estate transaction.  Investigating their car’s value?  Probably looking at an automobile purchase.  Fares to Paris?  Maybe planning a vacation.  Baby names?  Yup… you get the idea.

Content Targeting – I can target individuals who are on certain types of websites, like sports, news, home and garden, entertainment, technology.  Or we can put an ad next to relevant content.  Imagine you’re on a generic news website and reading an article about college acceptance rates… and next to that article is an ad for a university.  That’s not a coincidence.  Or you’re watching a story on your local TV station website about exercise, and there’s an ad for the local health club.  Again, not a coincidence.  In some cases, the publisher might’ve put the ad there, but in other cases, technology placed the ad next to related content, to target a more likely consumer.

Demo Targeting – I can target individuals based on sex, age, income, education, ethnicity, gender.  Why waste money showing ads to the wrong people?

Site Retargeting – I can target individuals who have visited your website, to stay top of mind and bring them back when they are ready to make a purchase decision.  Only a small percentage of site visitors make a purchase the first time they visit a website.  And depending on the product or service, even after a number of visits.  People research.  Retargeting, while sometimes annoying or creepy, works.  And it works well.  You’re putting your ads in front of qualified and interested individuals.  And retargeting supports other strategies like paid search.

Search Retargeting – I can target individuals who have searched the web for specific terms and topics, even if they have not visited your website.  Search engines like Google collect the data on everything you do.  Search for hotels in Greece, and you’re likely to then see related lodging ads as you surf and search the web.  If someone is researching puppy training, they might be a strong candidate for invisible fencing, even if they’ve yet to look for any fencing options online.

IP Targeting – IP Targeting focuses internet advertising to consumers based on their Internet Protocol (IP) address. Our IP Targeting solution allows you to target your desired audience down to their individual residential or business address. We select the IP’s based on your existing database or desired target locations, which include street address and zip code.  Consider residential customer lists, B2B targets, or Zip Code IP Targeting.  We can also target pre-movers and post-movers in an area.

The opportunities are endless with IP Targeting… a self-storage facility that wants to target specific apartment/condo complexes in town.  A real estate agent who wants to exclusively target certain neighborhoods or zip codes.  A furniture store that wants to show ads to the 20,000+ past customers in their database.  A theatre that wants to show ads to past ticket buyers.  A car dealer that wants to show particular ads to past buyers.  A catering company that wants to target specific office buildings.  A daycare that wants to target only within their zip code.

Native Advertising – We can integrate your visual content and make it look and feel like content on a given website… your native ads will look like part of the page!  These ads adapt to their environment, such as news, food, entertainment or travel sites.  Seamless integration allows your message to blend in with rich online content.

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