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P.O. Box 4296, Manchester NH 03108


Why?  It’s obvious… people are no longer going online and consuming content exclusively from a home desktop or work computer.  It’s said that more than half of search activity (think Google queries) is coming from a mobile device.  Everywhere you go, everyone is searching and surfing the internet from a tablet, iPad, or smart phone.  And if you want to reach your target consumers, you need to not only acknowledge this cultural change, but capitalize on it to your advantage.

When it comes to serving ads on mobile devices, keep in mind that it’s a different world than traditional large-monitor desktop computers.  For one, most publishers automatically adapt their layout for mobile devices.  Check out your local newspaper or television website… it looks different on your smart phone.  You don’t need to use your fingers to pinch and expand the site.  Not to mention that many of these content providers steer you to their app instead of their website anyhow.  The important thing to remember… the ads you see also change because of the smaller screen resolution, and the physical location of the device.

So what can we do to incorporate a consumer’s location into your marketing strategy?

Device ID targeting – I can target individuals whose mobile devices have been in a physical location as recent as five days ago, and as far back as one year.  This includes your business as well as complementary locations, competitors, and addresses.  We can also upload an address list (think past customers) and target all devices that reside in those physical addresses.

  • Visitor Targeting – Reach consumers who have visited a target location in the past, regardless of where they are now.
  • Conquest Visitor Targeting – Reach consumers who have visited your competitors’ locations.
  • Home address identification and reverse append – link home addresses to device IDs and vice versa.
  • Household extension and Lookalike Targeting.

Utilizing the consumer’s unique, specific device and associated residential address, we can accurately set the ‘back-geo’ so that your campaign only serves ads to devices still seen in the area.  For example, only reaching local residents who traveled through the local airport, not everyone who passed through the airport.

Microproximity – This real-time, hyper-local geo-targeting allows you to serve ads to customers while they are at a specific location on a specific date or date range.  Reach potential consumers who are nearby, at a competitor, in a specific neighborhood or area.  Imagine targeting people at every home football game, every concert at the local arena, at the local beach or ski mountain, every tour stop for a particular band…  Or local fairs, farmers’ markets, other events.  You’re reaching people in real time while they are in a particular place.  Get them to visit your location as well, or influence them for future consideration if their location says they’d be a strong prospect for your business too.

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