P.O. Box 4296, Manchester NH 03108

Phone Number 603-860-2636

P.O. Box 4296, Manchester NH 03108


Generating New Business Leads

Capture more quality leads on your website with a live chat box!

Our chat specialists don’t quote rates or diagnose problems. In fact, they aren’t experts in your products and services. Rather, their goal is to engage your site visitors and get their contact information (name, email address, and phone number). They then pass this information along to you immediately for you to follow-up and close the prospect.

Why lose out on potential leads… This is one more tool to engage a site visitor before they abandon your website.

Wouldn’t someone just call your business if they were interested? Yes, but sometimes people are not in a position to call… like at work, or late at night when their family is sleeping. Other times, individuals like the privacy or just feel more comfortable engaging in an online chat, instead of picking up the phone and speaking one-on-one. Don’t miss these potential customers!

Best of all… the cost: a few dollars a day!

Live Chat allows you to:

  • Engage customers who come to your site with 24/7 monitored live chat specialists
  • Improve the overall experience by allowing customers to connect immediately
  • Track and report leads by receiving a summary email after each chat conversation

I can get this tool up on your website in one day. To get started, call me today at (603) 860-2636 to find out more!

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