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P.O. Box 4296, Manchester NH 03108


Boosting Your Company’s Search Result Visibility

We offer two distinct SEO packages… Local SEO and Organic SEO.

Local SEO

  • Geared towards mobile and tablets to improve REACH and RELEVANCE within Google My Business so our clients can be found when people are on the go.
  • For local SEO, Google is seeking out relevant and trusted locations. It wants to know that the businesses are truly part of the local community.
  • Local SEO focuses on getting businesses to show up in local search categories that are most relevant to the business (Think Mexican Food, Not Margaritas).
  • Local Search results feed Google maps and most mobile search. It’s a DIFFERENT algorithm than Organic searches.

We deliver a very unique Local SEO product by implementing strategies throughout the year that focus on all ranking factors within the Local SEO algorithm.

The Local SEO Algorithm

  • Google My Business Signals
  • Citation Signals
  • On-page SEO Signals
  • Backlink Signals
  • Review Signals
  • Social Signals

Local SEO – Goals

  • Increase Page One visibility on Maps and Mobile Search for categories associated with your business
  • Increase views of listing to convert more actions – driving directions, calls, and clicks to the website

Why Local SEO?

  • If someone is within 5-10 miles and searches for what you sell, do you want to be an option?
  • If you aren’t doing anything to increase your chances of being found then you are losing ground.
  • Keep it simple. Seriously.
  • Local Search = Sales

What businesses are good for Local SEO?  Any business that wants their location to be found…

  • Restaurants
  • Clubs/Entertainment
  • Retail
  • Health/Beauty/Fitness
  • Auto Repair
  • Brick & Mortar locations
  • Multi-location businesses


Organic SEO

  • With organic SEO, the goal is simply to rank as high as you can in the organic search results for certain relevant keywords.
  • In traditional organic SEO, Google is looking for trusted content, rather than a trusted location.
  • Google sees links to a site as an endorsement of that site’s content.
  • Organic SEO focuses on getting businesses to show up in the organic search results – the emphasis is on keywords, relevant content and off-page links


  • The one constant in SEO is that it’s always changing.
  • Those changes require us to be nimble and adjust.
  • Our Organic SEO team works hard to evolve our product, process and people in order to stay ahead of the curve and drive client success.

4 Key Factors & Our Differentiators

On Page

  • Need Quality Content
    • Our team of writers can help produce new content each month to keep your site fresh
  • Need Back End Coding Set Up Properly
    • The team will be setting  up and maintaining your site to Google best practices

Keyword Research

  • Target the correct phrases and keywords
    • Trends change and we are always a step ahead with our dedicated Organic Specialists


  • Is like a vote for your website
    • We utilize a combination of our Publisher Network and other links that have high PADA (Page Authority/Domain Authority) for content related links – these sites’ “votes” count more in Google’s eyes

Social Signals

  • Validates your business in Google’s eyes
    • We make sure you link to them on your website and can help direct you on frequency of updates


  • Increase organic traffic to your site
    • overall visits, new visits and page views
  • Increase opportunity toward “Page One” visibility on trending terms over the course of the agreement
  • Increase the number of relevant keywords that your website is ranking for
  • Increase content volume with fresh and quality content on site
  • Increase the number of pages linking to your website
  • Increase meaningful visitors
  • Increase time on site for each visit
  • Decrease bounce rate


To learn more about these SEO packages and which is right for you, please call me today at (603) 860-2636!

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