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P.O. Box 4296, Manchester NH 03108


A Fast and Affordable Digital Postcard

Targeted Email Marketing enables your business to reach 10,000 to 2 Million+ consumers who are likely to be interested in your products or services. These emails are custom-developed and designed to increase brand awareness, website traffic or promote a specific offer or sales event.

Choose the geography you want to target and any applicable qualifications such as household size, occupation, income, interests… Our proprietary dataset has over 250 targeting options.  The pricing will depend on the number of recipients, and how many emails/reminder emails you choose to send.  Supply your own creative, or utilize our design team for an additional charge.

Already doing email marketing to your clients and customers through a service like Constant Contact or MailChimp? This is different in that you are reaching qualified prospects who have not done business with you before.

Why is this not spam? Our Targeted Email Marketing database is made up of consumers who agreed to receive commercial email. Common sources are sweepstakes entries, product registrations and free offers. Data overlays enrich the targeting potential of the list enabling contact with qualified prospects.  We are able to provide 100% guaranteed delivery; if an email bounces back, we’ll hit another address in the target audience.

Email marketing has been proven to increase brand awareness, drive more website traffic, and to be the perfect medium to promote sales events and special offers. Most of all, email marketing is often seen as having the highest ROI of any marketing channel.  We can even zero in on your precise ROI and know more about your campaigns with match-back reporting.

For a quick quote on Targeted Email Marketing, get in touch with me now at (603) 860-2636!

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