Listings Management

Listings Management


Check your live business info across 60+ directories with this easy and free scan tool here!

Digital services are the basis for every consumer engagement.

Managing business information across these services ensures you’re present during consumers’ moments of high intent.

Business data is messy. The average business listing has…

  • 37% Incorrect Name
  • 42% Incorrect Address
  • 19% Missing Website URL
  • 18% Incorrect Phone Number
  • 15% No Listing To Begin With

Listings Matter… On average, brick and mortar businesses listings receive 2.7x more views than their company websites.

Today’s consumers are hyper-mobile and have high expectations in their moments of intent. Don’t leave your discoverability to chance.

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Ever see inaccurate contact information about your business online? Old phone number… wrong hours… bad address… previous name or website? And you probably had no idea how to fix the problem. So you just ignored it. But it still bothers you. Truth is, it’s also probably hurting potential customers or patients from finding and contacting your business.

Bad data lives forever. Critical business information gets compiled from registrations, reviews, bank records, tax forms, government filings, forums, articles, social media, and industry databases. This info is bought and sold, sliced and diced, and ends up on dozens of online directories, scattered across the web. Some of it may be accurate, but most of it is incomplete, incorrect and outdated. When consumers search the web, they can unknowingly land on this info, leading to frustration when they see conflicting or missing details or can’t reach an organization at all. When in doubt, they will find someone else. Furthermore, search engines put a high value on active and consistent directory listings, especially your Name, Address and Phone Number (“NAP”).

Listings management is an easy and basic first step to a comprehensive SEO effort, yet an often overlooked part of an organization’s digital strategy. We can help you fix these inaccuracies once and for all. Across dozens of online directories and services, including Google itself. Check your business here or call 603-860-2636 to get started.

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